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Mr. & Mrs. Dials

Jes saved my wedding day!!

The facility coordinator said she could handle the event. But if it wasnt for Jes it would have been a disaster! She is amazing!!! And her team is outstanding! Even though it was a ton of bad things happening behind the scenes Jes made sure to keep everything running smoothly and made my day beautiful! I can't thank her enough!!!



Mr. & Mrs. Young

Omg, Jess is the best hands down. She definitely knows what she is doing, she was extremely helpful to me while going thru the stressful parts of the wedding planning. She is very caring and on top of her game. She is very professional and she means business, everyone at my wedding kept asking me where I got her from because she was on point with everything she was extremely nice and efficient to our guest and of course to my husband and I. I love her and I will definitely be using here again on other events that the future hold. I highly recommend her she is your go to wedding planner. She will make sure that the day of your dreams comes true.

Mr. & Mrs. Stanford

First I want to just say thank you! From the time I heard Jessica mention "brides needing a planner" at the bridal show, I was honestly still thinking I could do it all lol. Yes, I was as organized as I could be, and did a lot with the wedding, bought stuff &I made reservations, etc., but I needed someone to pull it through in executing it. I for one know that it is not easy to do either (putting all your plans into someone else's hands to execute). However, I had no concern at all about Jessica making this day great for us. It doesn't take much to see that someone knows exactly what they are doing, but it puts the icing on the cake when they are pleasant people, keeping you smiling, taking the worry off of you, and having fun with you. Jessica you did all of these! I had one guest to tell me they "loved the way our wedding party was standing at the front and how in sync they were because it just looked so royal." Listen, that was all Jessica. 


Glam Baby Stanford

BORN: November 2019

​When it was time for my husband and I to be introduced at the reception, Jessica had our wedding party "hyped up" for us. I was in awe and beyond thankful for everything.

You have to feel comfort in the vendors you select, and this one made everything flow. Jessica, our wedding flowed and it was beautiful as planned. I saw smiles everywhere, we couldn't stop smiling, and we had fun!!

Much love to you and your team,

Mr. & Mrs. Stanford