(Piedmont Room)

Jessica was amazing to say the least. We found her just 10 days before our wedding day after having our wedding planner and photographer back out on us. Not only did she plan and coordinate our event but she worked a miracle for us. The hairstylist that my wife chose canceled a day before our big day. Jessica did not let that stop her as she called around ...


MR. & MRS. 


(The Biltmore)

Jes I want to tell you thank you for everything.  Everything was amazing. You are great at what you do. You are very professional. You stay on top of things.  I never thought I would need a wedding planner.  When I met you, we connected and I knew you were awesome. You did an amazing job. Everything came together. So, ladies, if you think you don't need a wedding planner, believe me you do. It helps out a lot. It takes a lot of stress off of you. Jes thanks for everything, you're incredible...



(Berkley Hills Country Club)

Events by Jes is hands down a the best and most comfortable vendor we used for our wedding.  We hired this company as a package with CM Productions are greatful that we did.  I travel constantly for work and Jes and her team made the last month of wedding planning seamless and even took care of contracts that needed adjusting.  She ensured we had wedding insurance and corrected issues that we encountered along the way.  Our wedding day was a dream come true.  Thanks so much Jes & Toni.


(Twelve Hotel )

I always knew that I wanted my wedding to feel heavenly and fairytale like. Our wedding happened to be at a hotel in their ballroom. Sometimes hotels event spaces can give off a very conference-like vibe. I knew if I wanted to get that magical feeling that I would have to drape the entire space. So I went on a mission to find draping in Atlanta. I'm new to the area so I didn't have many resources, and I felt like I was getting no where. Every place I called didn't have good quality draping that fell within our budget. A friend referred me ...



MR. & MRS. 


(Millennium Gate Museum)

Jessica and her team are amazing. I got married at the Millennium Gate Museum at night around 8 pm and she took all of the stress away. Atlanta's weather is ridiculous and God opened up the heavens and allowed it to pour down rain on my out door wedding. I was so upset and called Jess and she calmed me down and assured that my day was still going to be perfect. Her and her Team took all the decor down and made the inside of the museum absolutely beautiful. Drapery, candles, seating the whole nine yards. Beautiful! It was still an incredible night and she was a huge part of it. I would absolutely recommend Paparazzi Glam By Jes!



(Avondale Estates)

Jes made our wedding day fantastic!! From day one of us interacting, she was always direct and provided deadlines! As a project manager, I know how important deadlines are in order to complete any project. I missed many of those deadlines with Jes!!! (Sorry again Jes) In two weeks she pulled together my rsvp's for the venue, completed my seating chart with vague information from us and some how managed to organize it for the catering staff at the venue. Jes was more than a wedding planner, she was a LIFE SAVER! The young lady that was assisting her was extremely positive and upbeat! Our guests loved her and the entire team and we recommend her services!‚Äč

MR. & MRS. 


(Hays McDonald Farm)

Omg, Jess is the best hands down. She definitely knows what she is doing, she was extremely helpful to me while going thru the stressful parts of the wedding planning. She is very caring and on top of her game. She is very professional and she means business, everyone at my wedding kept asking me where I got her from because she was on point with everything she was extremely nice and efficient to our guest and of course to my husband and I. I love her and I will definitely be using here again on other events that the future hold. I highly recommend her she is your go to wedding planner. She will make sure that the day of your dreams comes true.

MR. & MRS.


(Villa Christina)

Jessica Presley of Paparazzi Glam by Jes provided outstanding and highly attentive service. I never had a moment of doubt that she cared deeply about making sure we had a great wedding. She thought about all the little details and made sure that they were taken care of. I highly recommend her!